Green iPod Mini

Posted by: modyourmac

Green iPod Mini - 09/08/05 09:33 PM

hey guys, so, I bought this little black sliver of a music player today (read as iPod Nano) which means that I dont need my 6GB Green iPod Mini anymore. Its basically new, and still under warranty, even though slightly used on vacation (it flew across country). Anyway, I'm looking to let go of it, but would rather not put it up on ebay, since things tend to get lost in the detritus of ebay. If anyone's interested, I'm hoping to get $200 for it, with a USB 2 cable, and the wall charger. Message me directly if you're interested. thanks!
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:Green iPod Mini - 09/08/05 09:57 PM

Pshaw! Mac Mini is SO a few days ago! Who would want that?! laugh