Powerbook G4 Al. Parts.

Posted by: KnifeLord

Powerbook G4 Al. Parts. - 08/22/05 01:32 PM

I am finaly done messing with the system, and have decided to sell it for parts... Currently I am keeping the HD and the two RAM sticks, but it has a relitively good screen with perfect hinges, and all plugs working. I am trying to get money for my band right now, so the screen will likely be the most prominate thing that i would want to sell on ebay for money, but if you guys want some of the other parts (ie. case, [?] broken-logic board, fans etc.) then I would rather offer them to people i know-know what they are doing... rather then some random ebay person... give me a resionible price for the part you may need, Its case has a few dents/scratches, but worked fine. Its history (for thoes who arn't aware) was long, and useful, but it drank too much rootbeer, and died from some sort of overdose... you may be able to fix the logic board idk...