Memory and happiness...

Posted by: etytomic

Memory and happiness... - 07/20/05 11:20 PM

Hey a mac trading forum that isn't powerbookcentral. Yea!

In other news I have two sticks of 128mb PC100/200-pin RAM pulled out of a Pismo. I also have two sticks on 256 pc3200 pulled from a Aluminum Pbook.

I know it's a longshot but I would love to trade for 168-pin PC133 RAM for a Digital Audio tower.
Posted by: Antonio

Re:Memory and happiness... - 07/21/05 08:09 AM

Watch it!
I'm a mod in that other place :blink:

As you were wink
Posted by: etytomic

Re:Memory and happiness... - 07/21/05 09:47 AM

I love powerbookcentral! laugh
It's just a difficult place to trade a tower on non-powerbook is all.
Posted by: etytomic

Re:Memory and happiness... - 07/28/05 11:44 PM

Okay so I have three sticks of 128mb 200 pin PC100 RAM. Two sticks of 256mb 200 pin PC3200 RAM (I think, pulled from newest G4 laptop). One nVidia GeForce II MX 32mb video card.

If I could I would love love love to trade for a similar video card with an S-Video output and a little bit of PC 133 ram...I would give all this and possibly some sort of child....