Shipping box for G5

Posted by: Gadget_dup1

Shipping box for G5 - 11/12/04 09:56 PM

Looking for a shipping box for my G5. The original box was damaged and is not usable. Have looked at, but they are not offering repairs for Powermacs at this time.

Would like to have one that has the built in protection, wanted to save the enviroment.

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Posted by: zenstate

Re:Shipping box for G5 - 11/12/04 10:03 PM

ups and fedex are good for things like this. if you send it insured they will be sure to pack it well to save their own butts.
Posted by: Gadget_dup1

Re:Shipping box for G5 - 11/12/04 10:22 PM

Was looking for a box to pack it up to move myself. To offer some protection while in transit.

Posted by: zenstate

Re:Shipping box for G5 - 11/12/04 10:34 PM

best solution would be to just find any random strong cardboard box and a big bag of the small foam peanut things. you can buy bgs of those at any u-haul retailer.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Shipping box for G5 - 11/13/04 12:56 AM

if you'd like to take a page out of the macmod handbook, use pillows you can purchase for around $3 at walmart. :lol: Of course Im just joking, but we really did pack with pillows and they do work very well and are surprisingly affordable when compared to how much a lot of these packing places sell their packaging materials for. I love those foam cutouts that companies ship things in. They are spongy foam squares that are cut to fit the product. If you could find those big blocks of foam then you could custom cut it (I assume from your comments you will be using this packaging material over and over so it might be worth the effort).

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Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Shipping box for G5 - 11/13/04 12:57 AM

these boxes are sold on ebay all the time, just keep an eye out. Zenstate makes a good point, for cost reasons as well as availability reasons, just get a box and fill it with peanuts. But, if you can find some styrofoam from another item use that. An object doesn't slide around inside of a box near as much with styrofoam, compared to peanuts.

If you do decide to use peanuts, for your sake, don't forget to put a bag around the powermac. The bits and pieces of peanuts will be all inside every orifice on the system.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Shipping box for G5 - 11/14/04 12:11 AM

No less than 3" of protection from the case itself to the box. If you have access to the foam that you can use to mold around the computer that would be the best option. UPS should have something you can use to do that.