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Posted By: silentstorm117

Mac Mini Mod - 08/13/12 11:39 PM


I was looking into modifying my Mac Mini (2011 model) so that it can run off a 12V DC deep cycle battery such as this ( I believe I would need to make some modifications on the Mac Mini and would need some sort of regulator?

Posted By: musicalmarv7

Re: Mac Mini Mod - 08/14/12 10:44 AM

Why would you want to do this and for what reason? You lose your Apple warranty also by doing this also.
Posted By: silentstorm117

Re: Mac Mini Mod - 08/14/12 11:35 AM


Its for a university project I am currently working on and we need to power it directly from a DC battery and not through mains. Both my supervisor and myself are well aware that it would void warranty.
Posted By: musicalmarv7

Re: Mac Mini Mod - 08/15/12 11:06 AM

Thanks I appreciate your explanation now.
Posted By: barnettart50

Re: Mac Mini Mod - 08/16/12 02:11 AM

Unless you must prove you can run it off a DC source directly for your project, SilentStorm, I do hope you are aware that you can use a DC-AC power inverter suited to powering your laptop (while you are chasing tornados?).
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