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Introduction - 09/06/07 03:26 PM

Hi all,

Been a reader for a while and now signed up to join in the fun :P

First Mac was in the early 1980s when my parents ran a print/design business at home. Dad was an IT manager so I've always known computers.

Got back into it recently and am now having fun customizing Macs and selling them off on Japan's Yahoo Auctions.

Latest one is quite nice, I think you can guess most of the details if you look at it (also lots of Japanese on the page, sorry!):

Japanese seem to have a very loyal Mac fan base and lots of 0S 9ers.

There's a lot of aftermarket parts here quite cheap and just a great number of used Mac stores.

I have a spare G4 AGP case here which I'm hoping to do as a clear case or maybe pink hello kitty one and put in the 2x500GB S-ATA drives I just picked up for a steal laugh

Does anyone here know of the Mathey S-ATA PCI cards? I'm using one now and its great, looking to do my next G4 with these in a RAID config and am new to RAID implementation...
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Re: Introduction - 09/06/07 10:34 PM

Looking good.