Florida sun + car trunk = cooked carputer

Posted by: TCPMeta

Florida sun + car trunk = cooked carputer - 08/08/07 02:31 AM

I hardly use the carputer these days due to the system being slow as heck. I was heading to work and I thought I would listen to some music. I open the LCD and the screen was flashing "NO SIGNAL" I looked at my thumb drive that sticks out the dash and it has a green light. After a long day at work I got home and pop the trunk and all I could smell was burnt electronics. I turned on the car and as soon as I went back to the trunk there was smoke coming out. I shut off the car and after the light smoke cleared I noticed burn marks on the CPU area. I open the other side of the case and saw under the motherboard where the CPU was burnt to a crisp. I unhooked it and took it inside to try and rebuild it. Sadly I have no extra motherboards laying around that can handle a CPU faster then 166MHz. I took out the HD to see if I can get a copy of my files off and when I had it in my hand I heard something rattle inside. I think the HD bit the dust as well. I haven't tested it yet.

I'm having bad luck these days  frown
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Re: Florida sun + car trunk = cooked carputer - 08/08/07 05:39 AM

wow, yea.  That is the biggest drawback to a carputer.  When I planned on putting one into my vehicle, I was going to use the glovebox and rig an extra hose off the AC vents into the glovebox.  When its 100 degrees outside, and even hotter in the car, that'll kill a computer...
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Re: Florida sun + car trunk = cooked carputer - 08/08/07 10:41 AM

For some reason it never crossed my mind.