Self charging battery

Posted by: TCPMeta

Self charging battery - 07/01/07 06:35 PM

I was watching the science channel. The show future cars was on. This gave me a idea, I searched google and all I can find is a solar chargeable battery. My idea is a bit better but I have no idea if it would work.
My idea is having a DC power battery charger (like a alternator) in series with a circuit.

Posted by: maclover1986

Re: Self charging battery - 08/04/07 01:37 AM

Hmm. Interesting layout. Think you could label the components? This would help determine if the circuit were actually functional.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Self charging battery - 08/04/07 02:09 AM

It's just a example. pictures with random crud. If I still had a copy of electronic workbench I could build a CAD version of the circuit.