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Project360 - 06/18/07 03:12 AM

I have done some research and found you can run Linux on a xbox360. How is it done? Well some of you might remember the old softmod for the xbox using splintercell and a special savegave. In the game KingKong they found a backdoor / flaw in the game's coding. Some hackers made a patch for the game so you can run Linux. The only problem is the DVD drive. Well before they found this little Linux idea some one found a way to flash the DVD drive with a hacked firmware that skips the check for the special key in the XEX files. Meaning you can play backups.

Well the DVD drive in the 360 is a SATA device. To flash it you need a PC with a SATA controller or a add-in card (nonRAID). Also you need the trusty old floppy drive with every modders favorite OS, DOS!

Sadly this ran to a halt. I found there are two types of the DVD drive that are commonly used. MS25 and MS28. The MS25 can be easily modded. The MS28 has a antiflash option. I have the MS28. Theres hope though. A. open up the DVD drive and remove a resistor and add a switch in it place (the VCC mod). B. buy a SATA add-in card that uses a VIA chipset. For some reason the VIA chipsets are not affected by the antiflash protocol that is in the firmware's software. A friend of mine has a extra card for me to use. I'll have it next week. Also I have KingKong on order, on 5 bucks off ebay.
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Re: Project360 - 06/18/07 06:50 AM

Every modders favourite OS is DOS?
Not mine.
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Re: Project360 - 06/18/07 08:09 PM

For the PC world, when you flash a piece of hardware it's done in DOS.
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Re: Project360 - 06/18/07 08:14 PM

True on the DOS.  Similar to open firmware, well, kinda.  Many flashes can done in windows xp now.
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Re: Project360 - 06/19/07 05:44 AM

compared to windows, DOS ROOOOOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh
I tried Vista for the first time today, it's so counter-intuitive, I'd rather deal with a command-line interface than that vista cr@p any day of the week!  Can't wait till leopard launches! I'll get my first pro mac (a 15" macbook pro) on launch!
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Re: Project360 - 06/19/07 11:18 AM

The reason why DOS is preferred over windows for flashing hardware is because in DOS all you have running is the kernel and the flasher. Windows has all sorts of files loaded into memory and if something goes wrong like say a conflicting chunk of software can interfere with the flasher and end up inside the EPROM instead  of the ROM/BIOS/Firmware you wanted. I always flash my hardware in DOS. I tried it once before in windows and it crashed the BIOS when I was updating it. I was lucky though since my motherboard at the time had dual BIOS. Just rebooted and the second BIOS took over and went into the BIOS restore option.

Anyway, I find it neat how something old can still be very useful. I thought I had to locate some special drivers for my SATA to work for the flasher in DOS. DOS it self didn't have support but the flasher is made to scan the BIOS for IRQ and I/O that most SATA controllers use.

Funnything is I still have a DOS box that is used for classic games and it's even on my network. For a while there I use to slipstream drivers for newer 10/100 nics to work in MS network client for DOS for people that wanted to setup their systems to do a network install of Windows.
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Re: Project360 - 06/20/07 02:16 AM

Couldn't get the SATA card working so I bought one off of ebay for 3 bucks smile
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Re: Project360 - 06/23/07 01:02 AM

I got the SATA card today and I started right away. At first I got mad, the SATA card wouldn't work. I pulled out the card and noticed gunk on the contacts. After whipping it down with some contact cleaner I popped it in and turned on the computer. Windows finally saw the fricken card. I made a bootable flash drive with all of the software needed to flash the DVD drive. Took about a hour to figure it all out. I got it up and running! I even made a video when I was testing the drive.

The video is on my FTP.

Port: 21
Login: music
Password: music

It's in the xbox360 directory.
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Re: Project360 - 07/03/07 12:34 AM

Well I finally got some DVD+R DL discs. So far I have wasted about 20 bucks worth on this. I can't get a bootable backup to work at all. I've tired 13 different guides and I still get the same result. 
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Re: Project360 - 07/04/07 01:30 AM

I don't want to sound stupid, but can you just borrow or purchase a different DVD drive for your 360 in the meantime?  Is it keyed to your XBOX somehow?  At this point, you may want to try that to save your sanity.  It could just be the DVD drive itself or possibly the DVD's that you are trying to use. 

I have never modded a 360 but I've modded 1.0-1.6b XBOX's, so I know what you're going through.
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Re: Project360 - 07/04/07 01:40 PM

The 360 uses a SATA connection and that weird yellow wire from the old xbox (1.0-1.6b). With the 360 instead of fighting a locked hard drive you're fighting a locked DVD drive. Can't really change out the DVD drive in the 360. Although there is Keron DVD drive for your PC that makes ripping games easier but the drive costs way too much. I have the correct discs. I also have a DVD DL drive that has a special hacked keron firmware. The xbox has the correct dashboard version and the drive is flashed with the xtreme stealth firmware. The problem im facing is the SS file and the ISO. The SS (Secure Sector) has to be at a special part of the disc. It's kinda like ripping a DVD movie. I use the special game ripper and use DVDinfo to get the SS.bin file. Then I use another program called SS Merger that merges the SS.bin file to the ISO and create like a que file that tells CloneCD where to make sure the SS goes.

I got it to work but im trying to get the patched kingkong exploit to work so I can run Linux that will soon add OSx support for the 360.

Oh and also for ripping the game you use the xbox 360's DVD drive. You hook it up to the PC then put in a special disc that unlocks the drive.
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Re: Project360 - 07/04/07 05:53 PM

I do believe the SS file has the correct name...
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Re: Project360 - 07/04/07 06:01 PM

On another note, I admire all of the crap your putting up with trying to get this 360 modded.  It's a lot more work than I would attempt to get Linux running on it. 

Keep up with the updates - I might have to hack myself a 360. 
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Re: Project360 - 08/07/07 12:59 PM

Well I had it working. I had Linux running like a champ and I have to say it was the fastest system I ever had. Now what I mean I "HAD" it working is I bought the new game The Darkness and it patched the kernel on the 360 so now the exploits don't work. For once MS has done something right lol.
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Re: Project360 - 08/07/07 08:14 PM

I don't really use DOS for anything except to play around with custom batch files or create QBasic programs.