Gettin into modding

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Gettin into modding - 03/29/07 04:43 PM

I am wondering how you guys got into modding and how someone new to these waters could get into modding? I have been using macs since i was round about 6 or 7 (now being 16), the first mac being a Power Performa 8600. I remember the day my dad bought it  smile. I now had a 700MHz eMac and he has a mac mini with the apple cinema display. However i do have an old old powerbook 1400 lieing about.
I would like to get a cheap ibook, maybe get a faulty one and go from there?

Any advice and input would be very much appreciated.  smile

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Re: Gettin into modding - 03/29/07 05:06 PM

The iBook is a great place to start. I obtained a few broken iBooks from friends and fixed 'em up, painted them and just messed around. I am relatively new as well compared to most on the forums but you gotta start somewhere right?
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Re: Gettin into modding - 03/29/07 05:43 PM

I got started in this by having to mess with pretty much everything I own!  All of the information on the web peaked my interest and helped push me to where I am now.  May I suggest you start with something like a PowerMac G3 B/W or a Sawtooth G4 PowerMac.  They are cheap and allow for lots of upgrading and modding.  A laptop my be a bit more than you want to get started with, but really anything you have is a good place to start as long as you have a back up in case things dont go as planned.  Good luck and welcome to the Mac modding world!
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Re: Gettin into modding - 03/29/07 06:52 PM

The 1400 makes a good picture frame, its been done several times so info is easy to find and its a good mix, not too technically difficult but a challange to make one that looks nice and not all duct-tapey. Have fun
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Re: Gettin into modding - 03/29/07 07:08 PM

I got into modding when I decided to build my own Smurf at Uni. Damn thing is so unreliable. I don't even use it any more.
A couple of good rules with modding:

Never mod your main machine unless you really know exactly what you are doing;
Don't bite off more than you can chew: Some great ideas simply aren't worth the time, hassle and/or money;
Necessity is the mother of invention. Try and build something genuinely useful, or just make something look really cool;
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Re: Gettin into modding - 03/29/07 08:11 PM

I got into modding when my first generation clamshell's hard drive died. Then someone gave me a "new" 10GB laptop drive, but it was one of the older thick ones and didn't fit, my first mod was making it fit and work. I still use it now. But I put a strong emphasis on what Waragainstsleep said about not modding your main machine, at least not until you are confident inside computers.
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Re: Gettin into modding - 04/02/07 10:42 AM

klk ta guys.
Might try the picture frame mod, the page with the guide needs fixing tho as the google ads cover some of the text.
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Re: Gettin into modding - 04/12/07 11:41 AM

My frist compute mod was upgrading my old IBM AT 286 into a 386 then soon into a 486 after I found a motherboard and CPU at a fleamarket.

My frist hardcore DIY electronics poject was building a dirtortion stompbox for my guitar.

Frist mac mod was making my trayload iMac to use a slotload DVD drive, then later turning it into a headless system.