Bordem = to a xbox running Gentoox

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Bordem = to a xbox running Gentoox - 02/03/07 02:11 PM

I havn't played with my old xbox in almost a year. It's been sitting on my entertainment center as dust catcher. After dealing with a crash on my Gaming system I got fed up of trying to backup my HD with 8 DVD-RWs so since the xbox has a 160GB drive I installed as one of my mods I thought I could use the xbox as a file server. Evox worked alright but can't really control it unless it was pluged up to the TV. So I went ahead and flashed the xbox with the cromwell BIOS and installed GENTOOx. I still have the C partiton with evox and the X3 BIOS on another bank so if I want to play some classic xbox I don't have to hope and pray that my xbox360 can run it with out looking like crap or crash.

I control the xbox via SSH with all of my systems. I also went ahead and took a broken controler and rewired the input connector to be a standard USB port for a keyboard, mouse or a usbflash. Sadly I don't have a USB hub so I can only use one at a time. I tryed out KDE on the xbox and it runs slow as heck. Like running a 286 or a mac plus in linux lol. I got the default windowmanager working with it now and it runs pretty nice. I hate using the on-screen keyboard and only stuck using a mouse, but i'm just playing with it for the moment. Like I said it's just going to be a file-server. Right now im updating the KERNEL to 2.6.19 so I can use a USB harddrive for extra space.
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Re: Bordem = to a xbox running Gentoox - 02/12/07 12:29 PM

Heres a picture of my xbox in action. I went ahead and hooked up a small 13inch LCD.
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Re: Bordem = to a xbox running Gentoox - 06/10/07 12:59 AM

This is pretty cool. Did you happen to make a mod guide to this? Its laying around and I could use a spare music server.
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Re: Bordem = to a xbox running Gentoox - 06/11/07 10:51 PM

Kinda hard to make a guide since every modchip is different.