MRAM? Magnetoresistive Ramdom Access Memory?

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MRAM? Magnetoresistive Ramdom Access Memory? - 01/30/07 02:20 AM

I was watching the history channel's Modern Marvels on magnets. Torwards the end of the show they were talking about some company that was trying to make memory work like a harddrive. They said it would make the system hold all of the data into memory when you reboot ot turn off the computer so you don't have to wait for the computer to boot back up.

I like the idea but theres also a bad thing about it. Computers are in a state to get away from conventinal hard drives and use something that is solid state. Also most end users reboot their system to clean out the memory for faster performance.

This has also gave me a idea. Gigabyte has made something like a solid state drive that uses DDR2 memory (only uses uptp 4GB at the moment) and uses a battery to hold the data. Wouldn't the same method work for RAM? So this way a power source keeps the memory on so data stays in place when the rest of the system is off. Then if you ever want to clear the ram you turn off the system and hit a reset switch and turn the system back on.

Or instead of that use Non-Volatile Ram (NVRAM).
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Re: MRAM? Magnetoresistive Ramdom Access Memory? - 01/30/07 10:13 PM

It amazes me that no-one has gone further safe sleep. New Intel Macs use this feature, and as an engineer, we sometimes leave machines asleep on a shelf, waiting for a part to come in. If the part takes a while, the battery can die. Its still a slight shock when you swap a logic board in a MacBook and it (almost) just wakes up afterwards.

For those who don't know, this is done by writing the contents of RAM to a file on the drive. Now, if the machine were to also write such a file when it finished booting up or logging in, you could do a restart in almost a split second, as long as you hadn't installed anything. I can't imagine Apple would struggle to implement a sytem which would record any reboot-requiring installs, and choose between a quick reboot or a full reboot (after which, a new quick-reboot file would be written) as appropriate.

I literally just thought this up. Its a cracking idea. So Apple, if you read this and use it, please be nice and send me a Mac/MacBook Pro. I'll be happy with that. Maybe an Apple TV if you have one spare. How about an iPhone?
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Re: MRAM? Magnetoresistive Ramdom Access Memory? - 02/01/07 07:41 PM

So I sent this idea to someone at Apple. The response I got was typically Apple. But either its a no-go because its too difficult to pull off, or we can expect to see it in the future. Maybe even in Leopard. Who knows.....