HHHMMM used parts?

Posted by: Terror

HHHMMM used parts? - 02/24/06 11:39 AM

I was wondering if any one knows a good place to get junk parts or scrap mac parts? (other than ebay) im speacially looking for a G3 encloser (with nothing else but the case)
Posted by: shadowboxer47

HHHMMM used parts? - 02/25/06 10:23 AM

Why not eBay?

There are lots of places online, but, to be frank, most of them are untrustworthy and overpriced. Really, your best bet is eBay.
Posted by: anil8tor

ebay - 02/25/06 01:45 PM

I have to agree with Shadowboxer47, I have gotten some great deals on ebay. Trust the feed back and always read them befor you bid.