Place To Make Money?

Posted by: jahue

Place To Make Money? - 02/05/06 12:45 AM

I was wondering has anyone ever thought of a ebay for modders? I had a couple of mods that I wanted to post on ebay but im afraid that it wont go high enough because people would be afraid to buy. It would be great if we could sell tools for mods, or sell complete mods. Something a little more reliable than the ebay and the trading warehouse. Any thoughts? Is it out there?


Posted by: maestro

Place To Make Money? - 02/05/06 05:47 PM

A lot of modded computers sell on ebay. I understand the learyness of buyers though. If you plan to sell them on ebay, use a reserve price. Also, let the customers know that you know what you are doing. Give them the ability to ask questions. A DOA warrenty and one week return for money back also builds confidence. Sometimes people want modded computers/parts but are uneasy about doing it themselves. Give it a shot!
Posted by: cincyaaron

Place To Make Money? - 02/06/06 06:37 PM

If you guys would like a website, strictly made for modders' to sell their systems and such. If you guys need me to. I will do it any time soon. Get back to me when you can.
Posted by: jahue

Would Love A Specific Wesite - 02/07/06 03:02 PM

I think we need a website, i dont mind selling on ebay but i think we could create a website just for modders.