Need some advise

Posted by: jahue

Need some advise - 02/02/06 03:46 AM

OK im trying to finish my g4 upgrades
I have upgraded the processor to 1.8ghz
I have bought a serial ata card to hook two 500g harddrives up

Now im looking for a good dual video card and or a good tv video card( not sure what its called) i want to run cable through the computer and use it as a DVR but would also like to be able to play through the card on to the screen for dvds and such.

Im looking at a video capturing card but it only works to play on the computers screen

Can some one point me to a dvi video card DUAL AND SINGLE (best)
And a card that can handle cable? pci or agp

Posted by: oojacoboo

Need some advise - 02/02/06 09:46 AM

any of the video cards apple uses will work with a adc>dvi adapter. I think the new ones are dual dvi now. The old ones were dvi and adc, two ports.