hacked animatronic santa

Posted by: krusher117

hacked animatronic santa - 12/15/05 07:54 PM

ok this one is just too funny. you've seen those annoying animatronic singing santas. they annoy me to death...this one is muuuuch better :evil:


Man i hope he hacks the singing mounted deer head too!!!! (it's prolly a southern thing so if you don't have em in the north, consider yourself lucky)
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:hacked animatronic santa - 12/15/05 08:00 PM

Bwahahahahaha! :woohoo:
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:hacked animatronic santa - 12/16/05 01:01 AM

Kinda like the mod I found a while back where some guy took a singing bass and made it to lip sync to 25 diffrent mp3s and has it setup with a mic to lip sync when you talk into it.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:hacked animatronic santa - 12/16/05 01:11 AM

last year one of the animatronic santas scared the #*@& ouf of my wife. i mean she SCREAMED. i couldn't stop laughing :P


P.S. they have those singing deer head in utah too... course that's almost to be expected.

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Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:hacked animatronic santa - 12/16/05 02:52 AM

You know I hate thoses animatronic santas. Last year when CVS had theirs up I was walking out and it turned on and the santa's hand grab my chain to my wallet. Damn thing tryed to rip me off lol. It fell over and when I picked it up the cashier was looking at me funny and I said "Santa tryed to rip me off" and everyone busted up laughing.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:hacked animatronic santa - 12/16/05 05:58 AM

Whenever there are exhibits of animatronic anything, such as gorillas, I turn them on. A friend of my brothers one day enlightened me to this as he turned on fifty Macarena-singing gorillas. I was thoroughly annoyed, though after that day I realised how annoying that would be to walk by and have fifty animatronics start, each one starting a moment later than the last, so they would all be slightly off. Then the humour hit me...