New mod im going to try

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New mod im going to try - 12/15/05 04:36 AM

Well it seems everyone is talking about computers in cars. Well I want to try this. I'm thinking to use my Cube for this. Heres the idea.

1995 Toyota Corolla 4 door sadan.
The cube
10inch PAR touch screen LCD.
Bluetooth keyboard, laptop mouse and some sort of remote.
D-Link USB to wireless.
Cheap bluetooth USB.
Power inverter.

I'll keep it simple and leave the case alone on the cube alone but have the DVD drive up front with the stereo console. Also since I have plenty of room on the stereo console area I can fit the LCD there too and also maybe add a LCD for the back. The center arm rest in the front I can convert to be the control station for the setup. Have the extra LCD on the back attached to it on a swivel and can fold down, Build a little control deck for turning on and off the cube and LCDs. Also add a volume control for the back and also a cig lighter for power adapters. All of the cabling will be easy to hide since I have to head liner in the car for the moment and also I can connect the cube to my stereo. Also i'm planing to take my old cell phone and intergrating it into the arm rest also and make it hands free. Have like a mic next to the overhead light in the car or something. I can make a slideout/swivel tray for the keyboard that can hide under the glovebox.

This will be a sweet setup. Right now I have the cube mounted in the trunk with bungie cords and a rubber pad on the bottom so if I hit a bump it won't hurt the system. I have the LCD hooked up in the front also but not mounted. I want to get the DVD drive mounted frist. Tomorrow i'll head over to a computer recycle place I know of and grab a spool of ribbon cable and make a cable for the DVD. I remember seeing a little mod for making 15ft IDE cables. For it to work I have to add a few caps and resistors so it will help the cable to not to lose any resistance.

I won't use FrontRow due to bugs. I"ll just use GeeXBoX or some other Media Center program.

If this mod doesn't work out then i'll just get depressed for a day and move on to the next mod. I'll take pics of my progress on my cell phone.

I ofcorse have a plan B. If this fails i'll just take out the cube and add in my old IBM thinkpad and use some Linux distro on it.
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Re:New mod im going to try - 12/15/05 05:12 AM

Sounds very cool! You're going to HAVE to do a mod guide on this!
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Re:New mod im going to try - 12/15/05 06:14 AM

Frontrow is flawless now. visit this link All features work perfectly. I use a bluetooth adapter and a old sony ericson 610 to control it in place of the apple remote. It works just as well.
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Re:New mod im going to try - 12/16/05 12:32 PM

Well the mod failed. After 10 minutes with the cube on it killed my battery. Heres a tip, if the power inverter says it's for a truck then don't use it for a car. I thought it didn't make a diffrents because cars and trucks all use 12volts from the cig lighter socket. Heres what happened.

I installed the cube and LCD. I didn't get a chance to install the DVD drive. My soon to be father in-law wanted to check out my little mod so I drove over, it's a 30minute drive too. Well like I said 10 minutes into the drive I was listening to a MP3 and all of the sudden it stoped. I looked at the LCD and no picture. I pulled into a gas station and I turned the cube back on. Then my headlights started to flicker and my engine started to sputter a little. I quickly unpluged the inverter. I got to mt fiancee's house and told her dad what happen and he said that I was lucky that I didn't blow and fuses and turned off the engine or I would have been screwed. Now since that has happened I recharged the battery and now im going to use plan B. I'm going to return the power inverter and get a single outlite for a car and not a truck and use my Thinkpad since it has a cig socket charger. I just need the inverter to power the LCD. Unless I can build my own power supply that will turn 12volts into 18.6 volts DC.
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Re:New mod im going to try - 12/16/05 02:07 PM

Bummer. What kind of car do you drive. A higher amp alternator will also help with the power
usage. A vehicles electrical system is very sensitive believe it or not, be careful. The voltage may
be low, but the amps are a lot higher than a homes outlet. Try putting a wrench between the
positive and negitive posts on you battery. It will actually weld itself to it! On second though, dont
do that. Good luck.
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Re:New mod im going to try - 12/16/05 04:12 PM

i have thought manytimes to use my cube in my car (a little black mazda miata) 'cept for one problem. the Cube is bigger than the trunk and nearly bigger than the car. :blink: :P Actually my worry would be the power supply and starting up the computer every time. also the extreme highs and lows in the tempature durring the winter and summer.
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Re:New mod im going to try - 12/16/05 04:38 PM

This is from the GTi mac-mini mod, the power supply he used, should be what you're looking for:

DC-DC power regulator
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Re:New mod im going to try - 12/16/05 09:28 PM

Try putting a wrench between the
positive and negitive posts on you battery. It will actually weld itself to it! On second though, dont
do that. Good luck.
maestro said

Sound advice from the man with the hand that looks like a beaver chewed it!:woohoo: :lol:
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Re:New mod im going to try - 12/18/05 11:48 PM

Well I have the thinkpad installed. I have it set in the back on the arm rest and the touch screen is up front. I have the sound spliced into my car's amp and I have a mini logitech USB with a PS\\2 adapter hooked up sitting on the seat. Now im working on the cell phone mod for the car. This is going to be the hard part because I have to take apart the front arm rest and drill holes all in it for the cell phone keypad and LCD. I may just put the LCD in the dash so it's easyer to see who's calling and such. Also the wireing will be tricky unless I break down and buy one of thoses cell phone car hands free kits.