mod injury

Posted by: maestro

mod injury - 12/07/05 08:35 PM

I seriously injured my hand finishing the MacMod server mod. Careful with those big hole saws when cutting steel! By the way, this is after it was sewed back together.
-maestro :pinch:

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Posted by: anil8tor

Re:mod injury - 12/07/05 08:38 PM

Holy Cr*&^$^^&!

Does it hurt? (stupid question) sick
Posted by: maestro

Re:mod injury - 12/07/05 08:40 PM

Yes, it hurts ALOT. Peeled the skin off my thumb.
-maestro sick :pinch:
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:mod injury - 12/07/05 08:45 PM

the injury king, hope its healing fast
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:mod injury - 12/07/05 09:32 PM

Posted by: macDeviant

Re:mod injury - 12/07/05 10:43 PM

*gives standing ovation*

dammed, that looks painful

macDeviant :pinch:
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:mod injury - 12/09/05 04:43 AM

That will forum a nice battle scar for sure. You can tell girls you got it from something daring lol.

Now I know some of you have read my Metal Shop guide and this is why I point out to wear gloves when working with metal. When you get a chance use a drimel and sand down the sharp eages so it doesn't happen again.