Need electronic parts?

Posted by: TCPMeta

Need electronic parts? - 11/27/05 10:40 PM

We all know that Radio Shsck has pretty much turned into a cell phone/toy store. It's very hard to find electronic parts for mods and repair. Heres a link to a catalog from Digi-Key. The catalog is about 60MB and has over a thousand pages of parts ready to order.

I use Digi-Key a lot for my company. Might come handy to you all.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Need electronic parts? - 11/27/05 11:08 PM

I'll have to keep that in mind
Posted by: neukonzept

Re:Need electronic parts? - 11/28/05 12:30 AM

Another good source is Mouser Electronics ( )

The company I used to work for used both extensively. And for tools and raw materials, don't forget to check out and
Posted by: TJH

Re:Need electronic parts? - 11/28/05 06:17 PM

neukonzept beat me to it. But here is another vote for mouser. Ordered plenty of stuff from them, which has all been great. I've also heard a lot of great stuff about digikey though.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Need electronic parts? - 11/28/05 07:06 PM

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