Any Ideas for OSX on GBA?

Posted by: maclover1986

Any Ideas for OSX on GBA? - 11/02/05 07:25 PM

Hey guys,

Can anybody think of an emulator built for the Game Boy Advance that can allow one to emulate DOS on their Game Boy? I know there are empty NVRAM cartridges available for GBA, but never knew of any DOS emulators. I would like to put that OSX emulator used for the PSP onto a GBA cartridge with DOS and an autoexec.bat file to automatically load OSX.

Give me a holler if you can think of any ideas.

Posted by: usbcd36

Re:Any Ideas for OSX on GBA? - 11/02/05 09:29 PM

Erm, couple problems with that. First, you'd need a HUGE flash cartridge, and the biggest made is 1 Gb (128 Mega Bytes). Second, the GBA has a 33MHz processor, which is dreadfully slow for running one emulator, let alone one on top of another, and a system on top of that that needs a 233MHz processor or so. I'll put it this way: if you managed to get around the fact that there is about 1/32 the RAM required, video support that would need to be severely hacked to display a picture, and the whole space issue you could have a GBA that takes a few months to boot and is slower than the ENIAC.

To sum it all up, don't try it unless you want your GBA incapacitated for a year. If someone could manage to port (not emulate but port) System 7, that might be possible, but emulating OS X

You'll end up like the guy who installed OS X on his Quadra through PearPC on Linux.
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Re:Any Ideas for OSX on GBA? - 11/03/05 12:27 AM

Do you have a link for that? :woohoo: laugh :cheer:
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Re:Any Ideas for OSX on GBA? - 11/03/05 04:26 AM

Theres a OS some guy built for GameBoy. Also I've heard rumors that theres a Linux distro in the works for GBA.