Das Keyboard

Posted by: TCPMeta

Das Keyboard - 10/30/05 03:34 PM

I saw the ibook das keyboard mod, pretty neat if you know the keys by heart. I checked out the DasKeyboard website and I noticed they want way too much for that keyboard. It looks just like a old AT style keyboard I have from Acer. Probly makes the urber loud clicks when you type on it. Anyway I think i'm going to try it with my keyboard that came with my iMac. Half of the keys are already faded so the project will be easy.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Das Keyboard - 10/30/05 03:41 PM

Ha, at least yours are faded. I started on my four month old Pro White KB, though I'm not going at it like mad. I've been sanding during some down time or while watching movies.
Posted by: mpt3

Re:Das Keyboard - 11/20/05 07:03 AM

TCPMeta: Do you got any pictures of your own Das Keyboard?