New modder here

Posted by: wolfcry911

New modder here - 10/18/05 12:13 PM

I just came across this site today and looks great,so I signed up immeadiately. I just wanted to say 'hi'. Working on my first mod.
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Re:New modder here - 10/18/05 12:24 PM

Welcome to MacMod!

Can you tell us a little about the mod you're working on?
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Re:New modder here - 10/18/05 12:25 PM

Welcome to MacMod! How about letting us know a little about your mod?
Posted by: wolfcry911

Re:New modder here - 10/18/05 12:32 PM

Well I'm going to enter the Great Mod Challenge and don't want to give away any ideas wink
I'll document and post later. I've only got 13 days left! I just decided to do this project a few days ago and came across this site looking for PSU modifications. I will say it's a G4 gigabit mod.
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Re:New modder here - 10/18/05 12:48 PM


the mod challenge isn't until august of next year... We surely hope that you will compete, but its not 13 days away :unsure:
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Re:New modder here - 10/18/05 12:49 PM

13 days left? The Challenge ended in August 31 and the next one isn't until... a long way away.

Or are you talking about something else? :silly:

But don't worry, there's always next year!

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Posted by: wolfcry911

Re:New modder here - 10/18/05 01:20 PM

:blink: :blink: blush whistle

lol, I'm an idiot. Man, do I feel stupid. I have no idea why I thought it was this month...

Well, I guess there's no secret anymore :unsure:

I have a G4 gigabit ethernet with a dead power supply. I'm installing the original PSU from my dual 867 MDD which I replaced with the 'quieter' one from Apple's replacement program (it was no quieter, the original was fine to begin with). No big deal here - it's been done before. But then I decided to install an ATX Intel motherboard with a P4 dual core pentium with hyper-threading in this G4 case.

Now I know there's a lot of sighs, eyerolls, and disbelief out there, but I'm truly a devote Mac man. I want to want to run Tiger on this beast! Actually, I hope to make it dual boot. I do web design on the side and need a PC for testing purposes only.
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Re:New modder here - 10/18/05 02:58 PM

your not alone on this site wolf. A good number of macmodders are interested in dual/tripple booting their mac. Many are just holding off until the x86 release is gm. But I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
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Re:New modder here - 10/18/05 03:18 PM

Its okay to have a pc as long as you put osx on it. You can download osx x86. Give it a try and let me know how it is. I myself just cant get watercooling out of my freaking mind! Hmmph. Maybe I should just try it. Anyway, make sure to post something on your mod. you can do a mod guide too.

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Re:New modder here - 10/18/05 06:44 PM

I just got a G4 case off eBay and I'm looking to put a new Athlon X2 system into it. I have a friend whose father works at Sun, so they get good deals. Technically, Tiger for x86 should run on it, but it may not. I'm looking into dual-booting as well, because I need a machine for all the games I play, and I currently don't have an x86 machine. Ah, yes, games: the only good use for Windows... Plus web design, maybe...

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