modding tunes

Posted by: maestro

modding tunes - 10/03/05 07:45 PM

Well, I working on building my sister a g3 in a mdd g4 case tonight. My shears are getting a workout! Anyway, I was jamming away to NIN and thought this is the $h!t to mod too! If you have been living under a rock (sorry to hear that) then google up NIN on the net. Its grinding industrial mixing is all out heavy. By the way, I have their first album still in the plastic! Its no longer made and hard to find.

Trent, you the mix master! Keep ginding! :evil: :woohoo:
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:modding tunes - 10/03/05 08:27 PM

NIN is your modding music, eh? Good choice actually. Out of 5k+ songs on my compy, only a few are truly worth to be considered modding music. B)
Posted by: anil8tor

Re:modding tunes - 10/03/05 08:45 PM

Not exactly Nine Inch Nails, but my son is cranking Rammstein, very industrial with a hint of cookie-monster! :lol:
Posted by: whitlock

Re:modding tunes - 10/03/05 09:35 PM

Hmmm...mine is The Faint and Bach.

Everyone knows Bach, but if you have never heard The Faint you are missing out.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:modding tunes - 10/03/05 11:00 PM

i like to mod to Chopin :silly:

anyone out there know who Boltthrower is raise thier dremmel
Posted by: Arius

Re:modding tunes - 10/03/05 11:00 PM

i just put my iTunes on shuffle... that allways works out for me
Posted by: MikeMan

Re:modding tunes - 10/03/05 11:04 PM

heard of the radio? ya know the wireless?