'Nother pinout request...

Posted by: Arius

'Nother pinout request... - 09/30/05 03:36 PM

anyone got or know of a pin out fot the head phone jacks on an iMac DV? also, i think we ought to just start compiling a list of pinouts for all mod and hacks sorted by machine....
Posted by: Draconis

Re:'Nother pinout request... - 09/30/05 05:37 PM

I would check out pinouts.ru. Just search for headphone jack as i belive the imac has a standard one.
Posted by: Arius

Re:'Nother pinout request... - 10/01/05 06:56 AM

nope, checked that. ended up having to figure it out my self. if anyone needs it, pm me
Posted by: whitlock

Re:'Nother pinout request... - 10/01/05 07:20 AM

You should post it up on MacMod as a mod guide. If you had to dig for it, then maybe someone else had the same prediciment.