Aura Interactor (from 1994)

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Aura Interactor (from 1994) - 09/20/05 06:16 PM

Hey guys,
I have this device that I had taken apart, and put back together, in this electronics class of mine. It is called the Aura Interactor. What it is: An early force-feedback machine that recieves audio signals, amplifies the signals, and feeds the signals into a backpack-type device with a vibration motor. Here is a picture:

The Interactor, amplifier with vest

My question:
If anybody could do a little research for me, could you find for me the pinouts of this 5-pin DIN power connector? I know it uses +/- 12V, but I want to know where to apply the voltages. Perhaps I could try tinkering....


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Re:Aura Interactor (from 1994) - 09/20/05 06:47 PM

If it plugs into the wall check the power inverter. It's usually stated there.