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Purist? - 08/25/05 07:57 PM

Ok I am relatively new on this site, and I don't want to offend any one.
But I have noticed what is to me a disturbing trend IE: gutting a Mac case and building a wintel machine out of it. Now don't get me wrong, I am VERY impressed with some of these mods. They are technically impressive and some are downright beautiful! And I like wintel machines, at my house I have three of them.
However, I may be a purist, but I think a Mac is a Mac and even if you put it in a mac case a pc is a pc. I would like to see more mac mods that are mac hardware, even if you want to put some pc components in it, thats cool, just keep it mostly mac.
I have been building pc's for over 20 years and just recently made the move to mac to try something new. And I've come to love the differences, and relish the challenges of "not knowing how..."

Ok all of you guys with an iMac siting on your work bench in a pile, and that micro ATX motherboard in your hand. Please don't come looking for me frown
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Re:Purist? - 08/26/05 01:42 AM

I agree with you.
While I appreciate some of the skills used in these mods, a Mac is not a Mac just because it looks nice. They are also easy to use, and they work. Well.
Likewise, PCs aren't just inferior because they're ugly.

Of course, this discussion will be irrelevant within a couple of years....
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Re:Purist? - 08/26/05 08:58 AM

Possibly, though we may modify this conversation on people using AMD's

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Re:Purist? - 08/26/05 10:34 AM

I'm inclined to agree. I see a mac based mod as being something that boots the mac OS. not something that is configured to look like the mac OS. All my work starts out as a mac, and ends up as a mac. Putting a PC in a mac case just seems kinda low-roller to me.
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Re:Purist? - 08/26/05 11:09 AM

Lets take this into an even more grey area, what about OSX86? If a Dell is running OSX, is it a mac? I would say no. What if I gut my B&W, put in a PC motherboard and 3.6 Ghz Intel chip, then install OSX? Is that a mac? I'd say yes. Who knows. Its all a matter of taste I guess. I like all the mods people do, but for me its about Apple Hardware and Apple OS.
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Re:Purist? - 08/26/05 11:18 AM

okay, here's how I see it. did the majority of it at one point have apple warranty coverage? If yes, then it a mac.

As we move towards things being more convoluted by the nature of new hardware, it may get harder to define what makes a mac, a mac. Is it hardware, is it operating system, is it that jobsian flair that we're all used to? I dunno. If apple shipped it, then its a mac, if some dude pulls together a bunch of parts and loads up the mac OS, I tend to see it as a mac-compatible. I vote that we deliniate things as Mac (apple shipped and warrantied hardware), MC (mac compatible, intel based PC configuration), and the PC (a windows compatible, PC configuration)

(these comments are subject to revision, should someone think of soething better, show e to be in error smile )
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Re:Purist? - 08/27/05 02:22 AM

A Dell running x86 OS X is still a Dell, but at the same time, its better than a Dell running Windows.....

Lets not forget that big portions of the hardware in a Mac are no different to PCs. I'm talking drives, RAM, network cards, some graphics cards, and very likely a few of the cips on the logic board (ATA and memory controllers etc maybe) are no different to the versions used in PCs. Apple often just tweaks the firmware.....
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Re:Purist? - 08/27/05 07:20 AM

You are absolutely right War, if you look at a Doge Viper its going to have some of the exact same hardware as that soccer mom's minivan. But when they are assembled its a completely different beast. I not sure where to draw the line, except maybe as Modyourmac said if it comes from apple, then its IS apple.
I appreciate all the response to this thread, I value everyones opinion. And of course, its good to know I am not alone on this.

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Re:Purist? - 08/27/05 10:18 AM

I believe that the two main components for an 'apple' product is the apple system, as well as a great looking machine... Sure a dell doesn't look good to start, but say you modify it, put some new paint job, emphise the fact that it running an apple system, then it almost makes it a lot more like a true apple. Apple's biggest deal about their computers is the imagination in both building and style, not so much as who makes the parts... after all they are switching to intel.