Setting up RAID 1

Posted by: oojacoboo

Setting up RAID 1 - 04/19/05 03:14 PM

Ok, setting up a RAID 1 is easy enough, so that is not the entire question here. Basically I have a 200 GB and 160 GB SATA Disks. Both of which are full at the moment. I have taken the 200 GB drive and partitioned it so that the additional 40GB is usable after the RAID is setup. So, I have 2 x 160 GB partitions to RAID. I want to set these up in a RAID 1, but here is the catch. I don't want to lose the data that I have on one of the partitions. In other words, I want to setup the RAID while maintaining the data on one of the partitions and mirroring it over to the other.

I had a look at Apple Disk Utility and didn't really see any options for this. I thought that it might ask after hitting the create button but I was afraid. I CAN NOT LOSE THIS DATA! I have backed up a majority of it on an external HD but this drive has other data on it so it won't hold it all.

Should I be looking at using another application or is there a trick to this, or will Apple Disk Utility do it. Has anyone done something like this? I did some searching on google and was unable to come up with anything useful. :huh:
Posted by: maestro

Re:Setting up RAID 1 - 04/20/05 07:47 AM

There are other disk partitioning programs, but, I think that you need to set up the raid first. I am not sure. Can you back up to DVD-Rs? That may be your only choice. Google up some disk partioning software and see if it addresses raid disks. Also, although you are going with Raid 1, Raids work better if the disks are the same.