The Apple Playstation

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The Apple Playstation - 11/24/04 01:21 PM

(First off, sorry I know that this is a Playstation mod and not a 'Mac' Mod, but it does include an acrylic Apple!)
I have been throwing around an idea to mod a playstation for years, and the other day I found my playstation and about 10 name brand boring grey memory cards (a lot of them I had just bought, but I grew tired of my playstation so I decided to just put the whole thing in a box in the attic) Well I decided that I needed to figure out my D**** wild cats brand memory card... (DONT BUY WILD CATS YOU WILL BE SORRY) ...about 5 years ago I saved my bro's Final Fantasy 7 game with all players/magic MAXED out... well the card shortly there after decided to break... so I have the memory card... I opened it and after awhile of messing with the memory cards switching cases for them, trying them in all different ways, I decided to just simply paint one... I used glossy black paint and the card turned out great... then it hit me... I still have an extra acrylic apple from my sisters computer...

What if I were to paint a playstation pitch black and slice a place in the cover for the apple... So I quickly called one of my friends in NE and asked him to pick me up 4 playstations... (they are 10 bucks there IT ROCKS) I plan to keep the apple, and make a few other kinds... he suggested a halo 2 one (though halo 2 doesn't use playstation 2, let alone classic) so I am hoping to soon have some nice playstations for modifications... I am wondering if this would be offensive to post as a 'mac mod' if for nothing else I plan to do it as a 'techniques' because it will use the same principals as a mac mod... it will just be a sony mod...
So what do you think?


(PS sorry about the length, I put a break when the actual mod stuff starts so that you don't have to read my blabbing... blah blah blah blah....)
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Re:The Apple Playstation - 11/24/04 01:40 PM

as far as techniques are concerned, I say "go for it". However, I don't really feel comfortable endoring the modification of playstations on a mac modification site unless they really pertain to the mac. If you are installing a mac inside of a playstation that would be cool. If you are installing an apple logo onto one of your playstations just wait a little while and macmod will have a fully functional gallery in which you can post it. Or you can post it in the forums for show and tell. However, for a mod guide we would like to stick to things that are a bit more mac centric. But, the idea for mod techniques is great, I would love to see something done.