Linux in the car

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Linux in the car - 11/14/04 01:52 AM

I'm looking to use my powermac all-in-one to integrate into my car. I have installed mandrake 10.1 ppc and now i need to find a way make it look cool on the 7" touch panel lcd im buying for my car. Any suggestions? Also, I upgrading the AIO G3 with usb and 802.11b.
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Re:Linux in the car - 11/14/04 02:43 AM

you might check out some of these links:


O yea, guess whos site comes up like 4th or 5th on google with the search "mp3 car linux"?

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Re:Linux in the car - 11/15/04 11:04 PM

I've never used a good GUI mp3 player under linux. I've just got a text-based jig setup. I can help you with configuration though... sorry! :-/