Posted by: whitlock

XBOX Mods - 10/25/04 11:05 PM

So, as a great alternative to burning out my pseudo-laptops hard drive, I picked up an XBOX. It's modded, so I can save my files to it now, and have it as a file server. I never plan on going online, or copying games, so it's as if I have a mini-server box. Pretty cool.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else here has done something similar with their console. And if so, did you mod it physically>
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Re:XBOX Mods - 10/25/04 11:56 PM

I have just heard of people hacking the OS so that they could copy music and stuff to the hard drive and burn cd's from it. It has a combo from what I hear. A file server would be cool too I guess, never really thought of it. I duno, I don't have an xbox.
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Re:XBOX Mods - 07/27/05 08:07 AM

Heh, Xbox modding is way too easy. You can do almost anything to it. I have one with the X3cuter mod with a 120GB 8MB CASHE drive with the Evox Dashboard. I use it as a media center / file server. Theres even software out there that will let you use the xbox for HTTPD, SMTP, POP3, etc etc etc...
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Re:XBOX Mods - 07/27/05 02:12 PM

You can actually run Mac OSX on an xbox. Check it out here. The downside is it runs really slow. frown
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Re:XBOX Mods - 08/03/05 07:46 AM

I've tryed running PearPC on my ultra fast desktop and it's slow as a bug. Might be slow because PearPC only lets you use 64MB of ram to emulate. It can be changed in the config file but I didn't know the coding to change it. Also I think it emulated the RISC CPU at 233MHz.

Just wait for the Xbox 360, it will be running a RISC CPU setup. I bet some one will mod one to run Mac OS X.
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Re:XBOX Mods - 08/03/05 10:52 PM

Running OS X on the Xbox 360 will deffinitly be an option. I may shell out the $299 for the darn thing when it comes out because I know it's potential. There are developer points on the new board as well, leaving modding deffinitly in play.

As for TCP's comments on modding the Xbox being easy, it can be. When I modded my Xbox originally I soldered the wires on board and did not use any mod chips. Due to a firmware upgrade error by an assistant at the time, the TSOP went south and I was dead in the water. Luckly, though, he scrounged up a Chameleon for me to use. I've got a 512kb BIOS (and without possibly increminating myself, I'll let that sit at that) running on it and works well.

Modding Xbox's can be easy, but trust me, mine was not until we got a mod chip to recover with.