Ugliest PC Mod

Posted by: oojacoboo

Ugliest PC Mod - 10/25/04 12:29 PM

Ok, I'm sorry. I was cruising around on the net, like I often do when I am bored. I stumbled across what was called a mod video. So, I thought, "Why not check it out". Now, I remember why I have a mac. wink


This guy thinks the party is inside his PC, ha! Little does he know, thats where the joke is.
Posted by: BigO

Re: Ugliest PC Mod - 02/07/08 04:55 AM

Oh man, the link is broken now and you've got me all curious!

In the mean time, I did a google image search for "ugliest case mod" and found some interesting results:
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Ugliest PC Mod - 02/07/08 10:31 PM

How about a old AOpen AT system.