attention xbox livers!

Posted by: maestro

attention xbox livers! - 08/03/05 04:23 PM

I have finally got on xbox live. Because of my situation, I am in my mothers basement. NO TV! So I needed to figure out how to rig it. Here is how it went: I ran the xbox rcas to my Pyro A/V link and the firewire to my g4 and rca audio out to the macs audio input. So now its hooked up. I use BTV software (demo, but it for 20 bux, its awesome) to run the hardware inputs through software and finally to one of my MAGs and to my speakers. It works! Its a temporary solution. I do own a 52" HDTV, but its at home if you get my drift. Anyway, im looking for players, my name is "maestro0428." Look for me on the battle fields or post back and we can hook up. That means you krusher, time for some Halo 2 Live!

Also, heres my new temp set up in the dungeon.
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Re:attention xbox livers! - 08/03/05 06:55 PM

Theres a pinout that will let you convert the xBox video to run on a VGA monitor.
Also you could of saved your money and used a free gaming serivce called XConnect.
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Re:attention xbox livers! - 08/03/05 07:05 PM

sweeeet I just moved and actually got hooked up last I'll be online sometime soon.
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Re:attention xbox livers! - 08/03/05 10:40 PM

I myself use XLINK and use the Kai service within my WRT54Gv3 router. Great for playing Halo 2 online. Then again, my Xbox is hacked to godly hell. Running XBMC as the dash and have THC Lite as the backup dash, then Evox. Running FTP on it as well for backup purposes and the 80gb drive I stuck in there is nearly full.

Going to stick a 120gb drive, put in a Samsung DVD aftermarket hacked drive, and possibly an Xecuter 3 chip with a display in there. Deff. the 120gb drive first, then the Samsung DVD drive. My stock Phillips is dying, and won't stop ejecting. I got it to work now, but something is off with the tray, so it's only good for booting my "oh crud" DVD for restoring programs when an XBMC upgrade fails.

I've never used Live. XLINK REPRESENT!
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Re:attention xbox livers! - 08/04/05 02:08 PM

I understand that I could have modded the xbox to work, BUT, I own the Halo SE box. This one replaced my rev.1 and I want to keep it stock. Hope to see you guys online. By the way,
I have a 260 dsl connection and it seems to affect the games. Do I need to increase my
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Re:attention xbox livers! - 08/04/05 04:57 PM

My Xbox is also modded to hell and back. I use to have a exploit for running xlive but making xlive think I had a stock HD in the xbox but I would have to run it from the MS Dash. I think by now MS has caught on to that exploit. I mostly play games online with my PC instead of my consoles anyway. A friend of mine is bugging me to play Halo2 with the new maps but for some reason when I insert the map pack DVD I get a black screen and a text saying "con not execute B:/UDATA/345767
I find it werid that it's trying to look in the B: when there isn't one begin with.

Anyway, good luck with Xbox Live.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:attention xbox livers! - 08/04/05 09:33 PM

B: Drive? That's freaking odd. It may be actually getting the data off the E: drive where the UDATA is stored.