Painting Rubber

Posted by: ubergeek89

Painting Rubber - 05/19/05 02:25 PM

This question is mainly for those that have painted B&W G3 cases. I am in the process of painting my B&W case, and I need to know how to paint that little rubber grommit that goes on the sidepanel latch. I'm looking to paint it red. The color scheme is Red @ Silver and it looks pretty good so far. thanks
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:Painting Rubber - 08/05/05 07:49 PM

Hmm, something that don;t chip or make the rubber brittle. I would say hair color but that might make the rubber brittle. How about a marker then coat the rubber with beeswax or a thin layer of glue. Ofcorse this will turn the rubber into something hard but it will color it.
Posted by: Antonio

Re:Painting Rubber - 08/05/05 11:14 PM

The bit about hair colour is a good point.

I was going to say use a dye of some sort.

Vinyl dye might work, as it's made for applications which require some flexibility.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Painting Rubber - 08/06/05 01:01 AM

When I painted my B&W G3, I tossed the rubber piece in a junk bin. It didn't help me out any, but I did find it on my desk just now.

If you get crunched on your mod for the challenge and you want the rubber piece due to a mishap, just PM me through the site and I'll throw it in the mail.