God is a Christian

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God is a Christian - 05/04/14 02:43 AM

So says the CHIEF JUSTICE of the Alabama Supreme Court. Read and watch and weep.
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Re: God is a Christian - 05/04/14 10:21 AM

Separation of Church and State? More like Separation of Mind and Reality. But it's steadily working its way from the fringe inward toward the mainstream. Scary, scary sht.
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Re: God is a Christian - 05/04/14 11:45 AM

I am dam tired of all these religious freaks with their way out remarks with GOD and religion. Religion is a MONEYMAKER!
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Re: God is a Christian - 05/04/14 12:46 PM

Wot? shocked
Maybe Polymerase was RIGHT?!?
(..er..better make that LEFT)

..either way..
he helped me kick the habit
and I ain't looked back since.
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Re: God is a Christian - 05/04/14 12:58 PM

Religion was not only a way of explaining what was unknown at the time,
but also dandy for keeping people in line, in an unenforceable situation.

It was also a means to Identify...

...and Unify the Masses.

Maintaining Control using the Threat of Excommunication...

....Or WORSE!

It was an effective tool to get peasants to work for you,
...by using a Promise of reward in an 'AfterLife',

....or alternately, the Threat of ETERNAL Damnation.

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Re: God is a Christian - 05/04/14 01:08 PM

OMG !! he left out the most important part !!! mad

The DEBIL is a Muslim !! grin

Ignorance is bliss !!

this idiot must be having hourly orgasms !!
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Re: God is a Christian - 05/04/14 01:13 PM

Talk about making sh!t up in order to fit your own opinions! He's crazy
Oh! I suppose he's not one of those activist judges either.
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Re: God is a Christian - 05/04/14 01:45 PM

I can understand people's strong belief in a Power that controls the fall of every sparrow....in a way it's more comforting than trusting in the rather capricious whims of the natural world..

...especially among people who's very existence depends on the winds & rain that they attribute to a god with the ability to giveth and/or taketh away if he gets a bug up His almighty butt over God-Knows What... (( refer to the Old Testament for Ample Examples))

What I have a problem with is j.o.s like dis guy talking absolute trash to those who trust that he's speaking with some kind of authority or knowledge, when one can easily de-construct his line of B.S. just within the opening lines of his Sermon From the BENCH

Buddha &/or Mohammed indeed, never "Created" ANYTHING since They Were BOTH Simply Common Enlightened PEOPLE who Shared Their PHILOSOPHY with Those Around Them.

The Pilgrims didn't bring the Quran to America (New Amsterdam) because it was not part of their particular belief (which sez NADDA about it's validity nor lack thereof) it had to wait until the Jeffersonian "Age of Enlightenment" for more learned people to read and compare the text of the Holy Quran with The Holy Bible, (and other ANCIENT TEXT) to come to the conclusion that While One Has the RIGHT To Hold Any Religion They CHOOSE... That they were still Created By Man, therefore NO BASIS FOR WORLDLY GOVERNMENT.
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Re: God is a Christian - 05/04/14 02:13 PM

Y'know, I was gonna ask, "What would Jesus say?" But then I remembered, Jesus was a Jew. So Nebbermind. crazy
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Re: God is a Christian - 05/04/14 05:54 PM

Not only a Jew, but a real Mentsh! grin
...but with just enough differences to make the difference.

Although he was a direct descendant of the warrior King David,
and strictly adhered to Mosaic Law, he preached a doctrine of
acceptance and Peace, another being he was Anti-Capitalistic,
teaching by example to give that which most people hoard, away
to care for the poor and destitute and the healing of the afflicted.

Makes one wonder Who HE'd have Voted For in the Last Election.

...just sayin' whistle
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Re: God is a Christian - 05/05/14 03:30 PM

And speaking of Supreme Courts and religiosity... I can't help but wonder how long it will take for you may to become you must.