Pulitzer for Snowden.

Posted by: steveg

Pulitzer for Snowden. - 04/15/14 12:16 PM

I understand that it's not a popularity contest and all goody-two-shoes and huggy-body-kissy-face. But for this chicken-shˇt tattler to see it as vindication is puke-worthy, IMHO.

What was revealed, the impact of it all and what hopefully will change for the good as a result… I have no problem with that. But for Snowden to run away as he hollered his story over his shoulder the way he did… I have a huge problem with that. The way to lend credibility to your claim is to stand your ground in the face the subject of your indictment square-on and directly.

Sorry, Eddie, but your cowardly way of seeking the limelight sucks a wet one. You're all mouth and no spine. mad
Posted by: DLC

Re: Pulitzer for Snowden. - 04/15/14 01:15 PM

I understand your dislike, but one question bugging me is "would he get a fair hearing here?" People have been railroaded before. Don't like the guy either, but at the same time I have serious doubts about our justice system ! Were he rich and wealthy… might be a different story.

Jus playing devils advocate. grin
Posted by: steveg

Re: Pulitzer for Snowden. - 04/15/14 02:38 PM

I don't disagree with your premise. But especially under those circumstances, failure to stand up for his convictions tells me his motivation was more self-serving than patriotic or even idealistic. Had he stayed here, he may well have been pilloried, but he would still have accomplished the goal of exposing the issue. Indeed, it seems that was his secondary goal.