An' the GOTP has some 'splainin to do !!

Posted by: DLC

An' the GOTP has some 'splainin to do !! - 04/08/14 12:07 AM

how do they explain the data from Dallas (RED State) Texas showing the # of people without insurance is at an all time low since 2008??

That another BO conspiracy and fabricated #.
OR that Obamacare is failing ? whistle

BTW, contrary to Fox and Fiends, the enrollment #'s can't be faked, the HHS gets them from the states and adds them up !! If they were fabricated, it'd be the biggest conspiracy since Watergate ! all 50 State Health Depts would have to be in on it ! The claim is bat-chit crazy BS !! crazy
Posted by: DLC

Re: An' the GOTP has some 'splainin to do !! - 04/18/14 03:39 AM

AND now the official GOVT Govt # is 8 million AND Gallop says it may be as high as 9.9 million signed up.

SO what's the GOP plan now ?
IF this continues the tables will be completely reversed by Nov… the supporters will be on the winning side… even support to repeal the law is dropping within the GOP… dropped 21% in 2 months !! eek

Lets hope the trends continue for the next 7 months !! whistle
The other thing Dems need to HAMMER home is as long as the GOP controls - NOTHING will be fixed or addressed !! Jobs, immigration, economic fixes like infrastructure… NOTHING !!! Is that what you (voters) really want? a bunch of highly paid azzwipes doing NOTHING !! crazy