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Looosey …. - 04/01/14 12:16 AM

You've got some 'spalinin' to do …

CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

I'd like to think this eventually would lead to prosecutions, especially of those at the higher levels of government. But more likely it'll just provide cover ("well the CIA told us it was working!") if not simply fade away entirely because Benghazi ...

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Yeah but didn't all this chit begin under Bush.. to catch the big bad terrorists… the Patriot Act , the warrantless searches and seizures, etc ! They created the MONSTER and are PO'd it didn't stop in 2009 !!! DUMB FOKKERS !!! mad
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The CIA Split Apart early on in the BUSH Administration.
When asked to lie & murder to cover the Bush BS

The Best & Brightest broke away to form
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), formed in January 2003 "to speak out on the use of intelligence to justify the war," is "a coast-to-coast enterprise; mostly intelligence officers from analysis side of CIA, but Operations side also represented. "

What they considered "Bush's 'YES MEN'" stayed behind
and became the core of the shameful legacy of torture
and lies to cover "Bush-Cheney Inc."
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Originally Posted By: steveg

and they've BEN- CRAZEEEEE !! laugh
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...just sayin'...

before you give up on our Central intelligence Agency,
or decide that they've always been lyin' sacks o' poo...


they were once a bunch of hard working, Trust Worthy
people (like Valerie Plame) working for We The People
and with any luck.. can be once again...
if we can shake free of BIG MONEY Out-Side Interests
that conspire to corrupt the system.