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UCLA - 03/15/14 12:42 AM

The numbers in this video are hard to believe. What has happened to this country?
Posted by: DLC

Re: UCLA - 03/15/14 03:23 AM

WHOA !!....pretty BAD !! (for UCLA) but spot on... I admire their courage and logic & argument at making their case. very impressive.
Posted by: steveg

Re: UCLA - 03/15/14 11:49 AM

I often get angry over issues of racial inequality, but not necessarily emotional. That video quite literally brought me to tears. And I think the question really is: What has not happened to this country, and why not?

I don't think it's as much about where we've been going, but rather why we've been this stagnant for so long and under the radar the whole time.
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Re: UCLA - 03/15/14 02:33 PM

We have about 1600 kids in my school. We have more African Americans in our freshman class than does UCLA. We have other problems--supporting students is always an on-going issue. But cheese and crackers, as the Amish say!
Posted by: Reboot

Re: UCLA - 03/15/14 03:56 PM

Maybe I missed something. Why are the enrollment figures so low? Lack of applicants, applicants being turned down, too expensive?
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Re: UCLA - 03/15/14 05:22 PM

Here you go.

Affirmative action requires that schools recognize the social and cultural disadvantages that lead to low scores on ACT and SAT, among other things. With attention to services that the disadvantages call into play, the deficits can be and regularly are overcome, leading to success in college and in the long run to kids who are raised without the social and cultural disadvantages. I see it all the time, even though my school isn't always on top of providing the support that the kids need. The idea that 350 or so years of slavery, Jim Crow, and economic marginalization will be overcome by 40 years of saying that everyone is equal--IMHO that is simply stupid.
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Re: UCLA - 03/15/14 08:09 PM

I'm confused on the stats. Are the percentages given a percentage of the total number of admissions or a percentage of those of that segment of applications? If it's for the total admissions, it would seem that if the minority's percentage decreased that the majority would increase. But that didn't happen as shown

Or are the percentages based on previous numbers of that particular group.

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Re: UCLA - 03/15/14 08:21 PM

In a freshman class of ca. 2418 there are 48 African Americans males. In a population of over 19838 students there are ca. 660 African American males. That's 1.9% in the freshman class and 3.3% for the school as a whole, give or take. Of that 3.3%, 65% are athletes, by which I assume the video means that they are recruited to be on a varsity team--none of this stuff about everyone who participates in some intramural sport is an athlete. If I'm right, that means that of the 660 or so students, 429 are athletes and only 231 are in the general student population. So only 1.2% of male African American students are non-athletes. The video doesn't indicate if there's a differential in the graduation rate of athlete and non-athlete African American kids. I'd lay money on there being a big differential. The school is interested in exploiting, not educating. Whatever social responsibility might be expected from a school is simply absent. Period.

Think about that next time you root for the Bruins. Or any big university, I imagine.
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Re: UCLA - 03/15/14 10:42 PM

Wow. Something is wrong.

I wonder how many of each group applied.

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Re: UCLA - 03/15/14 11:49 PM

UCLA. University of Caucasians and Local Anglos!! whistle