Wake up call for Dems from Obama

Posted by: Reboot

Wake up call for Dems from Obama - 03/05/14 05:36 PM

They need a push for sure. He's right.
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Re: Wake up call for Dems from Obama - 03/05/14 06:07 PM

That and Priorities USA Action deciding to sit out the midterms and horde their cash for the 2016 race. Maybe the director is a Repugnican mole. crazy
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Re: Wake up call for Dems from Obama - 03/05/14 06:37 PM

Why do democratic supporters tune out for the mid-terms? I bet it's the non-stop barrage of rightwing media garbage and GOP extremist behavior that pollutes politics and reaches deafening levels to the point where even die-hard political junkies (like myself) have had enough. Unless you're angered & scared of the "liberal" world by FoxNews and the rest of them, Senate and House races just aren't seeming as important as some peace & quiet from the media sh*tstorm.
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Re: Wake up call for Dems from Obama - 03/05/14 07:22 PM

We had so many GOTP ads on TV here before the primaries, we had to mute our TV every time they came on. Nauseating! sick

I totally agree you notice why went to vote yesterday. Of course a huge turnout on the GOP side but then they had many, many more candidates running for same office then did the Democrats. The most contentious race on the democratic side was for governor with Wendy Davis. many other seats were single candidates for vacant because the chances of a Democrat getting elected in Smith County is slim to none. But I don't worry about the county results were, but more the statewide results.

There were several propositions on both party platforms and what was ironic was that on the Republican side there was a prop to kill Obama care which was supported by 92%. On the Democratic side, that was a prop to expand Medicaid which was approved by 88% of Democrats. Totally 180 degrees the opposite. No surprise there, but what is important will be the turnout in November. eek

I am hoping that USA Action will change his tune as we get closer to the fall elections. I hope they are sandbagging and surprise the GOTP around September. wink

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Re: Wake up call for Dems from Obama - 03/05/14 08:49 PM

It's that very thing that should be pissing of Dems to the point of action. Otherwise, it's just a wimpy cop-out, and if we get hammered, we enabled it.