This frikkin' state!

Posted by: steveg

This frikkin' state! - 02/27/14 12:14 PM


I recently decided to dissolve my LLC and return to Sole Prop status. Yesterday I got the confirmation of dissolution from the state. The envelope and masthead of the confirmation featured Jon Husted's name in billboard type (he's Suckretary of State in OH). I scanned the confirmation, and dropped it and the envelope into the toilet, unzipped, and gleefully pissed all over Husted's name.

Yup. Crude to say the least. But not half as crass and unpatriotic as what the Repugnican Legoslature in this state are pulling. mad
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Re: This frikkin' state! - 02/27/14 03:16 PM

I am shocked this hasn't backfired big time everywhere.. the GOTP goes to GREAT lengths to see you have your gunz... but voting... F you !! You have to jump through hoops... you can get a gun at a gun show easier than it takes to register and vote !! PRETTY PATHETIC... mad

Steve you're too gentlemanly... I'd have crapped on it !! laugh
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Re: This frikkin' state! - 02/27/14 03:29 PM

I'd have crapped on it !!
Yeah, but unless you're double-jointed, it's pretty hard to watch. This way, I got to see the ink on his name run. blush sick
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Re: This frikkin' state! - 02/27/14 06:21 PM

No Steve you could have used the paper to wipe your AZ !! wink

Rub his face in it !! HA ! laugh