The crazy ones

Posted by: yoyo52

The crazy ones - 02/13/14 01:36 AM

This is sorta amusing. Apparently an anonymous congressperson has been sending threatening emails to his (surely a man) republican colleagues. Another republican said “It’s got to be another member. Probably one of the crazy ones." As the writer of the column says, "Yes, Republicans also think of certain other Republicans as “the crazy ones.”
Posted by: Celandine

Re: The crazy ones - 02/13/14 03:13 AM

and an a.h. like Christie fits right in.

Like I said;
"He ain't goin' nowhere."
Among bullies of his ilk (sick)
that sorta' crap is par for the course. smirk
Posted by: steveg

Re: The crazy ones - 02/13/14 10:54 AM

LOL, I was just reading the same story here. I wonder if Mr. Issa will hold hearings. Because, y'know, Benghazi! eek laugh

Notice how often "crazy" and "GOP" appear together in media accounts these days? Coincidence? I think not. smirk