Taking bets

Posted by: steveg

Taking bets - 02/08/14 11:55 AM

Which way will the dice roll?

1. The cracks in the Repugnican party will become a wide bottomless chasm into which the right will fall in it's entirety and disappear btwn 2014 and 2016. Or…

2. We will become the United Oligarchy of Xenotopia.

The odds.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Taking bets - 02/08/14 01:40 PM

On that note, the Tea Party has put out a contract on Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin is the hit man. Given Turtle Man's growing unpopularity in KY, Bevin will likely deliver the fatal head shot in the Primaries.

But will Alison Grimes and the left be able to ambush Bevin?

Given the success of KY's state ACA exchange, Bevin and Conservatives may have already lost one of their self-percieved biggest advantages for 2014.
Posted by: DLC

Re: Taking bets - 02/08/14 03:06 PM

IF those are the only 2 choices... I'll take #1 for $100, Steve ! wink

However, it might take a little longer... the Nov Election will speak volumes...

1. IF the Dems keep the Senate and gain seats in the House... the timeline might be right...

2. IF the Dems keep the Senate and TAKE the House... oops - their Armageddon is here !!

3. IF the Dems LOSE the Senate and don't gain any seats in the House... it might be 2018-2020. eek

Lets CHEER for #2 ! grin
Posted by: steveg

Re: Taking bets - 02/08/14 03:43 PM

The decision by Priorities USA Action to sit out the midterms to focus on Hillary/2016 is about as boneheaded and shortsighted as it gets. If Dems can't defend their congressional seats — let alone gain more — in 2014, Hillary and any other potential Dem candidates may as well just pack it in now and go fishing.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Taking bets - 02/08/14 03:49 PM

I think the rumors of the right's demise are overestimated. I vote for Xenotopia.
Posted by: DLC

Re: Taking bets - 02/08/14 06:56 PM

Maybe she can convince them and change their minds,... to set the stage for her 2016 election. In other words, give her something to work with. Putting all your eggs in the 2016 basket is very risky. eek

Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Taking bets - 02/08/14 09:19 PM

So, according to the whack jobs, it's really Bonehead's fault.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Taking bets - 02/09/14 10:45 AM

Dost thou dare besmirch the Orange Man? shocked