Here's the "deal"

Posted by: MacBozo

Here's the "deal" - 01/31/14 05:11 PM

Over the last 40 years, we've seen an unprecedented "transfer of wealth," to use the popular term. It hasn't been, nor does it continue to be, a transfer from the top down. Wealth, and opportunity, has been systematically transfered to the top 1 or 2%. With that, which the Citizens United ruling solidified, came political dominance. It's also being accomplished through privatization of schools, prisons, infrastructure, etc. All of it designed to give the privileged even more privilege and to keep everyone else out. It's the anti-unionism, the anti-voting laws, the anti-collective bargaining laws, everything that gives the poor, working stiff any leverage at all. We are becoming a nation of an enslaved majority ruled and controlled by an elite and powerful minority. Unfortunately, those on the right (and some on the left, too) and those who vote for them, believing that they can still get ahead through hard work and education, just perpetuate this and their own decline. The "old guard," both left and right is not the solution.
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Re: Here's the "deal" - 01/31/14 05:55 PM

Did you see this interview with Tom Perkins? What he says just past 6:00 is utterly jaw-dropping. If these people are really that afraid of the rest of us, I shudder to think how they may use their wealth to "contain" us. smirk
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Re: Here's the "deal" - 01/31/14 07:45 PM

Oh ye of little faith. mad
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Re: Here's the "deal" - 02/02/14 01:24 AM

You know Steve, I'm SICK and F-ing tired of hearing the term "tax loop-hole" !! Loophole my AZZ- it was put in there on purpose... planned... they make it sound like an accident when we all KNOW is WASN'T !!! mad mad mad