blame Obama.

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blame Obama. - 01/12/14 06:08 PM

reports out this morning that Iran has agreed to removal of uranium and to destroy some facilities starting January 20.

Work also progresses in removing & destroying Syria's WMD stockpiles.

Yet not a single bullet has been fired.

Lea had asked previously what our opinions are of the President in his 5th year. My opinion, our 4th-dimensional chess playing black ninja still has his mojo.

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Re: blame Obama. - 01/12/14 06:23 PM

Really? Where are the jobs??? mad

Oh… Yeah. blush
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Re: blame Obama. - 01/12/14 06:30 PM

And you forgot Benghazi shocked
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Re: blame Obama. - 01/12/14 07:12 PM

I heard this:

“This is not Watergate. This is not even the IRS targeting of last year,” said Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member Kimberly Strassel. She then invoked a older conservative line blaming Obama for last year’s devastating budget cuts and government shutdown: “in fact, it’s not even, if you think about this as a raw display of political power, it’s not even this White House using the sequester and the shutdown to inconvenience millions of Americans to make a political point.”

And said . . . huh??
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Re: blame Obama. - 01/12/14 08:08 PM

Yeah BOTH have been disproven to contain ANY thing of a scandal...

IRS... not a deal cause they also targeted LIBERAL groups too !!

Ben Ghazi (whoever he is wink ) that there WAS some retaliation for the offensive video . . and don't mention GOP cuts to security funds for US Embassies ! and the US Embassy was in Tripoli not in Benghazi (an outpost) !! Kee-rist- how many did GW lose on his watch ? sure so Ambassador, but many others were killed and they all are US LIVES !!

Hey the Govt DOES fail sometimes... esp. when you are working to make it SO !! :-P GOTP
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Re: blame Obama. - 01/12/14 10:56 PM

Obama's been fighting not just McCain and his stooges, but Senate democrats lately who want tougher sanctions that they know will instantly kill the current diplomacy. Obama's been one breath away from calling them out as warmongers. The timing of today's announcement proves once again that our President plays the long-game, he shows patience and restraint where others (left or right) react for immediate political gain. Kudos to him and Sec. Kerry …. let's hope this is the first of many successful American and Iran negotiations.

… and I do not for one second believe these Senate Democrats have been playing good cop/bad cop to get the Iranian cooperation. I think it's 100% mid-term and '16 election politics of wanting to look tough on terrorism.