Are we ready for it?

Posted by: Mike

Are we ready for it? - 01/05/14 05:10 PM

I am not sure she will actually run, but support seems to be out there!

Posted by: steveg

Re: Are we ready for it? - 01/05/14 05:27 PM

On there surface, it certainly looks like she'll run, and ever since she gave up her cabinet seat, she's pretty much been the presumptive nominee for 2016. If she does run, I will likely vote for her.

BUTů When you see the frenzied fear on the right and the early anti-Clinton mobilization being put in place, my tin foil hat suggests that this is a strategic decoy. That the Dems will, at the very last minute, field another strong candidate for whom the right will not have time to form defensive or offensive strategies.

Look at the way McConnell scrambled when there was the thought that Ashley Judd might run for his seat. And she never even announced!

I would LMAO if Hillary head-faked and passed the ball to some 2-term Alderman from East Podunk who, when you consider the current crop of GoPeeTea wannabes, would walk away with the election! laugh
Posted by: DLC

Re: Are we ready for it? - 01/05/14 08:18 PM

I hope you're right.... er correct ! grin

sorry about that- slip of the keyboard !!