Curiosity and old Chicago cats

Posted by: Lea

Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 01:44 AM

I remember the passion behind electing Obama. I also remember clearly my serious reservations. Sure, I'll go there. I figured he'd get elected ~ not because he was remotely qualified. He wasn't. White liberal guilt . . . whatever. We went there, discussed that.

So, have any of y'all changed your opinion about his abilities? Any second thoughts about your votes?

My answers really do disappoint me. I wanted it to work in spite of my cynicism ~


And No. I would have stayed home rather than vote for McCain or Mitt. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was both times, but I did my duty.

He can't run again, but if he could? I would stay home even with Cruz on the ticket. That's how convinced I am that Obama is total presidential fail. OK, so either of my dogs could lick Cruz's ass and still run this country. I'm safe wink


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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 01:59 AM

With a controlling faction in Congress committed to making Obama "fail" at every turn, no one could have been very successful in that office.

Domestic policy has been stymied continually by a do nothing Congress.

Foreign policy, however, has been rock solid and much improved over GW's shoot first and we'll sort out the bodies later.

Obama's first mistake was assuming that the opposition would actually work with him.

So, I lay pretty much all of the blame on Congress.

Oh, and name me anyone who was/is qualified to be the President of the USA before they actually hold the office.
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 02:17 AM

…name me anyone who was/is qualified to be the President of the USA before they actually hold the office.

Well said.
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 02:52 AM

My take on his presidency . I vowed to myself to stay away from this but will just give my sense of it. I voted for him the first time but not the second. I wanted him to do well. I still think he was a great choice to be the first African-American to be president. Well educated, well spoken. Easy to lock at . No skeletons in the closet. Nothing for him to apologize for.

But he had some people wanting him to fail. The republicans and some politically powerful democrats ( one of the most was a woman who he appointed to a high office)

In the whole of it I just have the feeling that he is a good guy who got in over his head in becoming president

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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 03:19 AM

I'm disappointed in Obama. I expected that, if nothing else, he'd be able to communicate effectively--and given the Congressional realities, that's about all he could do. But no, he has not communicated well. I think he has failed to lead, and I mean that he has not taken the time to talk to the people, to use the bully pulpit. I agree with much of what Michael says--but still would have expected a more proactive approach to governance.

I think the whole medical insurance thing is a case in point, and I've said so in other threads. The Reps did all that they could to force a change that is almost as bad as what it replaced. And then they did everything they could to prevent that bad model from succeeding. But I think it was Obama's responsibility to argue for something that would have been simpler and would have worked more efficiently and effectively. Even if it had not passed, making the argument would have been a good thing for the country. But no, Obama chose to give in to the fear-mongering of the Reps, who branded him a socialist. What the heck--they branded him a socialist anyway!

So disappointed, absolutely. Better than having had a Pres. McCain or Pres. Romney? Selfishly, yes. Politically, no. The Reps would have owned the economic mess. It would have meant even more suffering for people (that's the selfish part), but politically speaking the Reps might never have come back from that experience.
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 03:22 AM

Oh, and I also think that Obama is far too moderate. I expected a leftward leaning dude, and we got at best a middle of the roader. Clinton and the New Democrats have a lot to answer for, IMHO.
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 03:55 AM

I've become tired of wishing that one of our "leaders" will do anything for the love of the common person.

Too late tomorrow…
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 04:20 AM

No regrets on the vote...

{ NOT directed and any individual}
The Dem's coulda put up a dog and I'd voted the same. McLame and Romney... no way. You buy into the whole GOP + the TP with them... if you elect either!!! mad I'd take a poor progressive over more Bush conservatism any DAMM DAY !! The GOTP has been wrong on every issue... they wanted austerity like Europe - thank God we didn't give it totally to them... we're coming back NOW because we didn't listen to their BULLSHEITE !! ... anyone follow Krugman ?
What we need is infrastructure investment - NOW !!!

BO- the man- yes - I AM disappointed... last year, he should come out swinging and pushing them as hard as JFK would have..."don't give them 1 nm !!" PUSH - using the bully pulpit like never before... never let anyone doubt what the GOTP would do given the chance. "You" think 1 million losing unemployment Jan 1st is bad... it's a picnic to what they'd do ! "You" think it's bad now - it'd be 10X worse with any of the GOP running the show. They'd Fsck over what's left of the middle class and the poor like they were a 15 yr old virgin ! Just listen to the madness over at Fox, and Rush, and Hannity, and Beck and about 50% for the elected GOP including our own rabid skunks Ghomert, & Cruz. Yes I'm not thrilled, but I'm not scared shiiteless either by some of the madness I see ! I prey it's never released... it'll make you want GW back !! eek

BO is afraid to "get angry" because he knows the TP and Fox will hit on "the angry blackman" -- OK I can see that, but he can get much more SERIOUS and STERN wo showing anger ! GET SERIOUS , Mr President ! and really start 'fighting" for your beliefs.. get on the OFFENSIVE game !!
.. the GOP plays lousy defense !! smirk
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 04:39 AM

Whoa! Surprised at the responses. I especially appreciate the respect and such.

Gentlemen? We'll live to debate another day.

Scary, huh?

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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 04:53 AM

Originally Posted By: Lea

Gentlemen? We'll live to debate another day.

Hope you're right cause the alternative ain't worth a bucket of spit. Or is that being VP? I get so mixed up.
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 04:54 AM


I think Obama has done a good job of being President. He said, and we all acknowledge, that he is not perfect. We've never had a perfect president.

He does not do things or accomplish things the way certain folks would have him go about it. He does not rush in where fools fear to tread. He takes his time. That is his way and I respect him for doing it his way. Not always the way I would have like him to respond or act, I admit.

I know the buck stops with him. But NO president has ever started his term as president having had a bunch of Republicans meet in some place immediately after he was elected and vow not to let him pass or do ANYTHING. They said what they meant, and meant what they said. The Congress of No. Would they have reacted differently if he had invited them over to the White House to chat more often? I think not. I recall he invited them over and sometimes they did not even accept the invitation or go over there.

When the GOP insisted that Obama "give" them something in order to pass something he wanted, they asked for ridiculous/unreasonable "gives."

It is not difficult to see/observe, the GOP treats our president like a pile of _____. They do not respect him. And, it is not because he is a poor/bad/bogus president.

Certain faction in the South and Confederate flag wavers live in a fantasy world. They are sometimes the cruelest people I have ever met or heard of. The Civil War was over long time ago. We are one United States of America.

I like my president Obama and feel he has done the best he could have done with what little cooperation the Congress has given him. His accomplishments are many and he will be remembered for a lot of good things. Maybe even health insurance. [Yep] We are all computer people here. We know what a gigantic computer program was being rolled out for the first time with so many complex facets. I hope I hope it works out to the good of all who need health coverage and I believe in the end, it will.

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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 10:51 AM

Agreed. mostly.
Let's not forget the absolute total sh!tbucket he was handed on day one.
Let's not forget the "secret" GOP meeting on his Inaugaration day to do any and everything to make him fail.
And so on....
Rookie material? Yep. But, hey, we elected him and unless I see the GOP actually working with him even a little bit.. the teeniest bit and he still failed.. then maybe I could lay the blame at his feet.
He's been cock-blocked worse than any President I can remember.
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 10:52 AM

Well, Darlin'. Am I disappointed? On some levels, yes. On others, not in the least. Normally, I follow the if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right rule. But given the political landscape and the partisan polarization we've seen for too many years, I've got to be happy with do the best you can. And I think Obama has come close to that.

I think the ACA is the best example of that. Far from perfect but a step forward. Some other, earlier legislation has been way gooder than what we'd have had under McCain or could have expected under His Romnimpotence.

At this point, I just wanna get through '14 and hope that '16 will bring some sanity and relief. And will I vote for Hillary if she runs? Can't say right now, because I see a Clinton admin as another "derangement" syndrome on the right. And who wants another 4 or 8 years of that?

Posted by: Celandine

Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 09:09 PM

If you think the people must be disappointed with him
imagine how disappointed he must be with us (U.S.)

Here we had someone who genuinely cared about the
issues making life next to impossible to live with...
The lack of gay rights, the lack of healthcare,
fraudulent banking organizations and credit card co.s,
catastrophic bankruptcies leading to foreclosures...
you name it...

Even though we were bleeding out of every orifice
due to the last greedy twerp he tried to put things right

He appointed the best people, helped laws to be passed..
all he was asking of U.S. was that we DO THE RESEARCH...
learn the ins & outs of programs put in place to help us,
support them and his efforts on our behalf (and help each
other to better understand and take advantage of these
various programs for those less tech & research savvy.)

But What Did He Get? Whinging, Beaching & Moaning!

"We don't get it!” frown "We don't understand how it works!" cry

..and instead of THANX......... he gets BLAME!

"It's OBAMA’S FAULT For Not Using 27 8x10 color glossy
photographs with circles & arrows and paragraphs on the
back of each one explaining what it was to be used for.”
(Not to mention the aerial photography. wink )

IMO It's like being given a FREE Copy of "PHOTOSHOP"
then whining because you're too dumb to figure it out.
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/28/13 11:13 PM


good points !!! HLL make that +2 !! grin
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/29/13 12:32 AM

True story:

Man in checkout line bemoaning the "horrors" of the ACA, staing that his daughter's insurance provider changed her policy to less coverage and her doctor no longer accepts her insurance. Asked whether she had checked her options on the ACA exchange, he emphatically replied, "No!"

There is no help for people who will not help themselves.

And, these are the people who decry "the 47%!" crazy
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 12/29/13 04:45 PM

The only thing President Obama "FAILED" at
was failing to realize he'd be continuously
held back from getting more done because we
demanded everything be SPOON-FED to us like
cranky children while we kicked & fussed as
bad as the Repugnican'ts.

...nor that we'd be infiltrated by Tokyo Roses
who'd doggedly harp upon & help spread the
doubt & fear learned at Rush Limbaugh's knee
just for the sake of making idle conversation.
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 01/11/14 04:32 AM

I feel pretty much the same way. I knew that President Obama would never suit whatever crazy-ass, Paul Wellstone/Russ Feingold northern progressive fantasy I had for the office. I didn't expect though that I would be so unenthusiastic about the things he did right (foreign policy), so disheartened about the things Republicans sabotaged (fiscal policy and health care), and so disappointed in the policy area that I care most about, education.

There have been some terrible, borderline racist education secretaries in our history (William J. Bennet), but Arne Duncan is one of the most clueless and damagingly ignorant sacks of puss ever to occupy that office. The few things that the DoE has done right over the last five years have been watered down far enough not to matter. Everything else they have done has been damaging to future generations of students.

That said, I don't regret any of my votes for President Obama. Given the circumstances, he has built up a record that will probably look better in a number of years when all of the pettiness of day-to-day politics is forgotten. Soon enough, we'll have another open primary and it'll be cool to vote in another presidential primary.

There also seems to be some progressive energy around Chicago these days in part because of the worst of the Obama Era that came home and decided to slither his way into the mayor's office. Rahm is organizing progressive opposition in Chicago the exact same way that Bush seemed to rally Democrats all over the place.

I try to be optimistic.

The Blackhawks have also won two Stanley Cup Championships during the Obama Presidency. So there's that.
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Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 01/11/14 04:45 AM

Good to see you around!

So are you saying Obama fixed the Stanley Cup? wink
Posted by: newkojak

Re: Curiosity and old Chicago cats - 01/11/14 04:58 AM

No, he's a White Sox fan, and if any team in town would be in on a fix...