Idiot alert!

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Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 01:02 AM

Birth Control, the Supreme Court and me

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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 02:27 AM

I think the religious argument is equally bogus. If it holds up, the religions that think medicine in general is bad, or like the Jehovah's Witnesses, think that there should be no blood transfusions, could sue to withhold such treatments, also on religious grounds. It's up t the insured, not to the insurer, to determine what they wish to use.
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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 03:49 AM

I am sick and tired of the religious zealots and TP kooks ... they are NOT using the birth control, so don't PUSH your beliefs on everyone else who wants to !!

These companies are NOT a religious group... hell many religious groups are not religious groups but political opportunists !! Gimme a break. sick

WHO is to say when an egg and a sperm become a "person" ? NO ONE can prove when ! "At conception" is too simplistic and there's NO SUPPORTING DATA !! NO ONE has SUPPORTING DATA !! so let it be a personal choice !
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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 10:29 AM

Well, I'm heading off to my local Hobby Lobby today for some Chanukah decorations! eek
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I share your views Dave....
this works for me smirk

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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 03:52 PM

I tend to agree with your flow chart.

AFAIC the ONLY thing a man has invested
in the process is a single cell that would've
otherwise wound up on a tissue in the trash.

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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 05:12 PM

Crude.. and not true.
If that is all you think a man is good for.. well.. whatever.
Up to that point.. what has the woman invested?
One egg that would have been flushed down the toilet on a sanitary napkin.

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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 05:43 PM

when all else fails
fall back on the ego lol
so it's your speck o' sperm
...and your chattel to carry it?
we have NO SAY in the matter of
being FORCED into carrying as many
of your little specks as suits your ego? mad

one egg
and all the minerals and vitamins
leached out of her body, the back aches
and morning sickness, possible loss of life

yeah w/e
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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 05:49 PM

I hate to get into this, but you're not reading Nuc's post. He says, "Up to that point." One single cell is much like another single cell. That's not to say that I disagree with bird's chart (although I'd hate to take it as literally as you seem to be: since men don't have ovaries, there ought to be no male oncologists studying ovarian cancer?)
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A funny skit, but not responsive to what's been said here.
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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 06:27 PM

Never said nuthin' about oncologists
(where the heck did you pull that outta'?)

All joking aside
I think matters of contraception should be
reasonably discussed and be decided upon between
the woman & her mate... she should not be bullied
into carrying an unwanted pregnancy by threats of
turning her out on the street or physical harm.

As for the church OR state getting involved..
to my way of thinking,
it's completely out-of-the-question.

I just thought I'd snap it back to reality
...momentarily.. just for the sake of
the topic under discussion. smile
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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/26/13 06:42 PM

OK, I gotta' get cracking on dinner,
and the G4 is dealing my fits.. freezing every
few minutes.. so if I can get it all out and get into the kitchen, here goes:

It's a silly question that's plagued me all my life
Why the bloody hell The GUY Gets a Cigar? ..and all
the admiration, and congratulations? What right
has he to look smug and push the baby buggy down
the street, as if HE had accomplished anything more
than the "Crude" remark above? WTF?

Yet if the woman out of concerns over finances
and ability to raise the child properly, or any
health concerns, like having yet another in a
succession of children that's sapped her strength
and ability to enjoy a reasonable life, she's
looked upon as an unfeeling monster or worse..
a CRIMINAL of the State, and Outcast of the Church.


Now these A-Holes (yeah "CRUDE" .. Deal with it!)
are not only denying her the RIGHT to Terminate
A Pregnancy... but to Not Even PREVENTING One

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Re: Idiot alert! - 11/27/13 12:58 AM

I guess they are figuring that since corporations became persons, they can also have religious protections as well. crazy