Now we know

Posted by: yoyo52

Now we know - 11/23/13 06:59 PM

Not sure if this belongs here, but what the heck.

Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Now we know - 11/23/13 07:29 PM

So, smoking pot makes you gay? laugh
Posted by: DLC

Re: Now we know - 11/23/13 07:32 PM

LOL (slaps head) ... OMG I should have seen the connection !!! grin

That's what I get for not being more religious !! blush
Posted by: steveg

Re: Now we know - 11/24/13 02:48 AM

So if you're horny, the solution is to toke up and get gayed? confused grin
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Now we know - 11/24/13 05:41 AM

or it's OK to be gay... long as you get high(?)

Kinda' like the Mayor of Toronto..
It's OK to smoke crack cocaine.. long as you're drunk when you do. crazy