The "One "

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The "One " - 11/23/13 01:35 PM

Good grief...

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Re: The "One " - 11/23/13 02:34 PM

Verily, someone has finally made known the truth. Hallelujah!

Down with The One! sick
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Re: The "One " - 11/23/13 02:58 PM

Well think - WHAT do they have to compare it with ? W !!! sick
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Re: The "One " - 11/23/13 05:09 PM

Dave, stop sailing down DeNial and git wid da program. But don't take my word for it…

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Re: The "One " - 11/23/13 05:34 PM

Did you see the Disclaimer at the beginning ? (first 20 sec) grin

Silly Rabbi, tricks are for kids ! laugh

Louie (Ghomert) lunacy - that's what it is !
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Re: The "One " - 11/23/13 05:49 PM

Ya, We're not saying he's a muslim or anything… And closes with 9/11 footage just before a cut to Obama saying "I'm one of them". crazy

It's gotten to the point where it's no longer possible to take anyone on the right (and not even the far right) seriously. Let's just pray that most general election voters feel the same way.
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Re: The "One " - 11/23/13 09:06 PM

Too. Much. iStockphoto.
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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 03:37 AM

I'm shocked they haven't produced photos of BO with a turban...

keep waiting for that one !! . . . well that and Michelle in a burka !! laugh
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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 03:39 AM

He was presented a "turban" when he visited Kenya - his homeland.

Obama Photo in Turban, Robe Causes Stir
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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 05:30 AM

Remember all those images comparing GW Bush with a chimp?

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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 10:44 AM

But no one questioned Bush's religion or citizenship, Dave. And when the courts ruled that his election over Gore was legit, the left shut up and moved on. Democrats didn't try nearly 50 times to repeal any laws that Bush signed. Try to keep stuff like that in mind while you step away from the false equivalencies.
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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 11:12 AM

Did I say they were equal?

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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 11:45 AM

By introducing the Bush/Chimp analogy — though it most certainly was used often — you are indeed implying equivalency. The left made derogatory references to Bush = the right makes derogatory references to Obama. Here's why it's false:

The left expressed disrespect for Bush, the man. Never for the Office.
The right expresses hate for Obama, the man (largely based on race and perceived religious issues), and disrespect for the Office.

Both men have their failings. The discussion and relevancy of those failings is anything but equal.
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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 04:38 PM

Originally Posted By: MrB
Did I say they were equal?


Hmmm.. it sure seems you introduced it to make a comparison. Comparison implies likeness or equivalency. Otherwise... why bring it up.

The absolute seething hatred for Obama doesn't even compare to the Bush years.
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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 04:43 PM

Ironically, Bush was a Kenyan! As in Kenya believe what an idiot he was is. grin
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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 05:05 PM

YES I do, and although pretty silly looking I thought they were a "low blow" for even him.

I would have like to seen his face untouched . . . . with bars in front ! grin

BUT no one thought those serious- they were so silly... it is different in BO in that all the slander and lies is spewed in the name of "truth"... as factual.... they use those lies to make him less American, less human, and to alienate people from anything he tries to do. I am glad you recognize the inequality, Dave... many conservatives do NOT. They think it's "fair game". Course they taunted Clinton, Gore, and Kerry the SAME way !! They're vicious SOBs ! IF anyone is less human- THEY are !! sick
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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 05:10 PM

There's also the plain truth of the matter. Obama isn't a Muslim. But Bush is a chiump.
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Re: The "One " - 11/24/13 09:45 PM

Originally Posted By: yoyo52
There's also the plain truth of the matter. Obama isn't a Muslim. But Bush is a chiump.

Difficult to dispute when one sees it in black and white and purple as above.

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Re: The "One " - 11/25/13 01:19 AM

Will it ever be possible for both party's to work for the good of the country?

Sorry. Don't know what I was thinking… Carry on.
Posted by: DLC

Re: The "One " - 11/25/13 03:29 AM

NOT with these arseholes... need a new breed of conservatives. & NO TP ! or their clones !

Now the Nuke has been dropped it's going to get worse, but they had NO choice... >50% filibustered under BO !! NO F-ing choice !! mad

WORSE mistake the Dems and BO made was playing by rules and being trusting and nice !
Gloves are off now, may the People / Country Win !!

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Re: The "One " - 11/25/13 03:02 PM

Actually I was using, as equal to a point, the part where the left belittled Bush and the right will belittle Obama.

Some say that the left disrespected Bush whereas the right hates Obama. Hmm. I think there was a good amount of hate going toward Bush.

We even had a member of our group visited by the Feds on what they perceived as an issue .

You are correct in that many on the right are affected by Obamas ethnicity. I can attest to that by the comments by some of my own family. But not all my family. Actually not that many but those who are , are vocal. Shameful, in this day and age.

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Re: The "One " - 11/25/13 03:21 PM

I didn't disrespect nor intensely dislike Bush until after the Iraq invassion. I saw on DAY 1 of their propaganda campaign (2002) it was all BS. (that f-ing bioweapons truck was a JOKE !!)... I knew then it was going to be a "snow job" of LIES. THAT's when I turned... sick

Then there were a string of things that made me PUKE more...
Tax cuts, Tax cuts, & Tax cuts and rising deficits... didn't pay for 1 single GD thing !!
the Aircraft carrier dog & pony show...
Taking the focus off Afghanistan...
Lack of support of our troops in Iraq- post invasion... 10,000s being injured and killed. Iraqis by the 10,000s killed... total chaos...
Selling of the war to the profiteers like Halliburton, Blackwater... NO accountability !!
Ignoring OBL . . . "I don't care where he is!"
Katrina !
The Rx drug deal- NO bidding for low prices
Housing bust
Market crash.
teetering on Depression- millions lost jobs...

NO ONE will do more damage than that azzhole !

has BO done anything even remotely close to that ?
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Re: The "One " - 11/25/13 04:31 PM

Still no parity Dave. Bush was indeed belittled. Obama has been far worse than belittled.
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Re: The "One " - 11/25/13 06:14 PM

Ya know Mich-squeel Bachmann likes to talk about ACA keeling children, keeling women...

NO that was BUSH !! . . . . killing 100,000s in Iraq with his phoney damm war !! sick

BUT she is a little SLOW !!! wink