Posted by: steveg

Schmuckness... - 11/20/13 10:37 AM

It's not just for Repugnicans. mad
Posted by: MrB

Re: Schmuckness... - 11/20/13 02:49 PM

What a doofus. How can he rationalize destroying someone's property no matter whose it is. Too bad Hawaii doesn't have a decent castle doctrine. He might find someone willing to defend himself. Where does this fusker live. Someone should take a sledge to his possessions.

Posted by: DLC

Re: Schmuckness... - 11/20/13 03:00 PM

Agreed, the Dems may have less stupidness and radicalism; but they're not perfect either. I never see the 2 parties as a "black & white" issue... lots of gray in there. This is 1.

'nother example: I'm really unghappy about this Afghan deal... WTF are they thinking?? mad
Posted by: Celandine

Re: Schmuckness... - 11/20/13 06:43 PM

Although I dislike it I find it understandable. frown

Places like that ("PARADISE") must attract a
slew of people that can't make it elsewhere.

If everyone who had no wish to freeze to death
during the harsh mainland winters, and who
envision food for the taking virtually hanging
from the trees, or for the price of a fishhook
would scrape up enough jing for a ticket, and
head there by droves.

Same thing happens every winter in Key West,
for those without the means, or ambition to
make it as far as Honeylulu.